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Supervision of MOU conclusion between Hanbat University (Dong Ho Seol, President) and Johns Hopkins University (Joint research and exchange of students and professors in biotechnology)

Chungcheongbuk-do (Sijong Lee, Governor)
visited Maryland to discuss bio science with
Governor O’Malley

Seoul (Se Hoon Oh, Mayor) and Governor O’Malley (MD) signed business and science MOU

Signed MOU between Seoul Sangam DMC (Bokyung Byun, President) and Bio Park, University of Maryland (James Hughes, President)(Discussed about Bio-Clusters at Magok Industrial Complex)

Held seminar for Johns Hopkins Universty and KAIST’ surgical robot research (Bilateral 8 universities and corporations, and government cooperation in progress)

Signed MOU between Amarex and Cheonbuk University Functional Food Clinical Trials Support Center(FDA Licensing and clinical trials cooperation)

-Health food from Ildong Foodis acquired approval In export to the U.S. market
-PNK business project launched

-Supervised MOU between Jeollanamdo (Joon
Yung Park, Governor) and the State of Maryland
(Martin O’Malley, Governor)

-Supervised MOU between Jeollanamdo(Joon
Yung Park, Governor) and Maryland Bio Park
(James Hughes, President)

JKTM Center (Jung Hee Cho, Director) visited the
State of Maryland, having practical work-level
discussion (JGBLI, the State of Maryland Business
Office – Korea, UMD in Baltimore Center for
Integrative Medicine)