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    JG Business Link International Inc (JGBLI) is located in Maryland, USA. JGBLI was founded and registered in February 24th, 2008. The purposes of establishment are to provide consulting in establishment of company, M&A, joint research and development, TEA of CRO, CMO and OTC for licensing of FDA, investment and research, funding through authentication managements of new growth power industries such as Biomedicine, convergence of IT and BT, various diagnostic equipments, natural substance functional foods, cosmetics, medicine material, cell cultivation technique, research and business development and copyright needed for development environmental-friendly energy, UL, Caliper, ENERGY STAR®

    The State of Maryland, where JGBLI is located, is considered as the center of the U.S. bio industry, including NIH, FDA, NIST, NCI and 19 other federal organizations. Martin O’Malley, the governor of Maryland, found “Bio 2020 Policy” in 2008. As a part of fulfilling that policy, JGBLI and the State of Maryland came to a cooperation agreement in August 13th, 2009. In August 14th of the following year, JGBLI made a cooperation agreement for development of new growth power industry of Montgomery County Administration.