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Understanding FDA Regulations, Co-research and investment For clinical tests of new drug development between Korea and the U.S.



  • Drug Development Processes & Regulatory Approaches Seminar, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (Natalie Eddington, Dean)
  • Cheonbuk University Clinical Trial Center will be in Bio Park
  • Establishment of generic factories: GLP Lab and GMP

  • 1 Week Concentrated Education for U.S. FDA New Drug Development (32 people completed from Dong-A, Greencross, Dae-Woong, Hanall, and Celltrion)
  • Cheonbuk University Clinical Trial Center will be in Bio Park, Maryland
  • Neodin, MediTox, Maxgen, Dong-A R&D Center, and SAMIN Science Co., Ltd. are preparing to enter in the State of Maryland
  • Participated International Bio Expo Chicago (Training program agreed with Gangwon Chuncheon Bio and Seoul)

  • 23 people completed summer training program from Keimyung University (Dae Wook Bang, Director)
  • Supervised MOU between Korean Department of New Drug Development Business Group and the State of Maryland Business Office – Korea (Dong Ho Lee, Director)
  • Lecture in Korea (Gun Seon Lee, Representative of MD), Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
  • Formal invitation and discussion with Governor Jun Young Park, Jeonnam-do
  • Signed MOU between JKTM Center(Jung Hee Cho, Director) and JGBLI

  • The 3rd Korea-Maryland, USA Bio Expo 2013 (John McDounhough, Secretary presents Wonro Lee, CEO of JGBLI with a State Citation)
  • SAMIN Science Co., Ltd. in the Center of Business Incubator, Maryland(Hyo Chul Chang, President)
  • Cooperation between Jeonnam Korean Traditional Medicine Center and University of Maryland in Baltimore Center for integrative Medicine (Brian Berman, Professor)
  • Supervised MOU between Jeollanamdo (Joon Yung Park, Governor) and the State of Maryland (Martin O’Malley, Governor)
  • Supervised MOU between Jeollanamdo(Joon Yung Park, Governor) and Maryland Bio Park (James Hughes, President)