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JGBLI will be hosting the Global Enterprise Conference 2015 in Washington, DC



  • The GEC 2015 will host several seminars related to IT, BT, Green Energy, and Emerging Technologies
  • JGBLI will be your gateway into US Government Relations, Marketing & Distribution, and Regulatory Affairs


  • JGBLI with University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and JGBLI Advisor
  • Chun Jae Park, Professor at George Mason University
  • Discussion on the next step for the USFDA Harmonization Project
  • Discussed the visit to Korea


  • JGBLI with Washington County, MD
  • Washington County Government
  • Discussion on target sites for new business and development


  • JGBLI with E-Soup and Kobiyashi Healthcare, LLC
  • Tae Sook Chang, President
  • Discussion new product distribution and marketing in various retailers


  • JGBLI with YG and Co.
  • Gi Sook Yeo, President
  • Discussions to start a new programs with companies in China
  • New marketing strategies for health foods, cosmetics, and medical devices


  • JGBLI with GemVax
  • Michelle Kyunghee Kim, CEO & President
  • Discussed about FDA regulations with current products
  • Also discussed marketing strategies for sale in the US


  • JGBLI with Korean National Assembly
  • Jung Hyeon Lee, National Assembly Member
  • Discussed a collaboration with Sunchon National University and creating a medical center


  • JGBLI with Daejeon Metropolitan City Education
  • Dong Ho Sul, Superintendent
  • Discussion for MOU with Hanbat National University and the University of Maryland


  • JGBLI with Hanbat National University
  • Kwang-Joo Kim, Professor
  • Meeting about internship programs in the US


  • JGBLI with Hanbat National University
  • Ha young Song, President
  • Discussed creating sister corporations with 1400 companies location in Daejeon City, Korea


  • JGBLI with Media Star Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Woosung Park, CEO
  • Discussed investments and marketing in the Chinese markets


  • JGBLI with CJJ Food
  • JJung Ja Chun, CEO
  • JDiscussed a visit to the US for new locations to create new business


  • JGBLI with Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation
  • Duk Yong Kim, Chairman
  • Discussed the future of reunification of North and South Korea


  • JGBLI with Asia Trust Co., Ltd
  • Kyo-shik Kim, Chairman
  • Discussed the FDA Harmonization of the Korean MFDS program


  • JGBLI with Jeollanamdo Provincial Gov’t
  • Nak-yon Lee, Governor
  • Discussed promoting the relationship with the State of Maryland
  • Also discussed a future trip for the Maryland Governor to meet


  • JGBLI with Jeollanamdo Office of Education
  • J

  • ae Hyun Park, Director
  • Discussed the student summer sports program
  • To develop the students athletes and train in different


  • JGBLI with CJJ Food /li>
  • Jung Ja Chun, CEO/li>
  • Discussed with the visiting team and prepared an itinerary for the US trip


  • JGBLI with Ivy Korea and Korean Standards Association
  • Kyong Ri Kwon, CEO of Ivy Korea
  • Hyun-Soo Her, Director KSA
  • Discussed student resource development and training program


  • JGBLI with Seowon University
  • Jin Beom Song, Professor
  • Discussed the student resource development and training program

Harmonization of FDA Regulatory Approaches for the Korean MFDS Consulted by JGBLI, Fourth Visit March 1 – 17, 2015

CJJ Food Visits Washington County, MD April 10-12, 2015



  • JGBLI with Washington County, MD
  • Gregory Murray, County Administrator
  • Washington County Department of Business Development 17th Annual Celebration of Business Event


  • JGBLI with Jeonnam Traditional Korean Medicine
  • Eun-Mi Pang
  • Byoung-man Kang
  • Min-suk Kim
  • JKTM Team came to receive training from the University of Maryland


  • JGBLI with Korean American Chamber of Commerce – Greater Washington
  • Dinner event for changing of the chairman in the KACC- Greater Washington


  • JGBLI with StarMed and CardioMed
  • Henry Shin, CEO of StarMed
  • H. Semih Oktay, President of CardioMed
  • Business to Business meeting set up by JGBLI to promote collaboration and increase business ventures


  • JGBLI with Korean American Chamber of Commerce – National Chapter
  • Annual KACC event with the changing of the chairman and celebration of business


  • JGBLI with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science University
  • Hae-Ock Kang, Director
  • MOU was signed to promote student resource development and training programs

Daejeon Metropolitan City Edu. Visits Montgomery County, MD June 17-19, 2015

Seoul City, KR Visits The State of Maryland June 19-21, 2015

Korea Trip July 2-22, 2015