Global Short Term Oversea Program

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Global Short-Term Oversea Training


  • Instructors : Representatives of politics, economy, BT, IT, food. Researchers, public officials, CEOs
  • Location : Seminar Room in JGBLI, meeting rooms of each visited institutions and companies



  • History: The White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian’s National Museum, Apollo Museum
  • Culture : USA Today. Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium, Annapolis, Georgetown in D.C.



Education Subjects and Scale

Title   Global Short Term Training Program – 1 week course
Personnel   20 (Each Turn)
  • College students, advisors
  • Information and communication, medical science, pharmacy, engineering, industry, food, management, liberal arts, etc.
  • CEO, future CEO, board members of university, school and business, and related enterprises
  • Public officials in related departments, researchers, educators, and administrators of relevant industries
  • World’s economy, economic flow, newest information of related industries, standards and regulations of the U.S. government
  • Lectures: roles and functions of the U.S. federal regulatory authorities
  • Co-research and cooperation of new technology and industrialization procedures
    Supporting programs of the U.S. public institutions, explanation of venture investment
    The U.S. patent and copyright registration, basic information for company establishment, etc.
  • Culture inquiry: experience the U.S. history, politics, economy, society, and culture.