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Promote KM Bio Expo and progress surgical robot
development laboratory between Korea and the U.S.



  • Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Gyeongbuk-Do, Pohang City, Seoul City, KAIST, POSTECH, Hanbat University, Johns Hopkins and George Washington University, University of Maryland are collaborating on Medical Robotic Seminar.
  • Opening seminars in Korea-MD, USA Bio Expo

  • Signed MOU between Hanbat University (Wonmook Lee, President) and University of Maryland Bio Park (James Hughes, President) for Support in establishing college of life sciences in Sejong City and exchanges
  • Held seminar for Johns Hopkins Universty and KAIST’ surgical robot research (Bilateral 8 universities and corporations, and government cooperation in progress)
  • Official support and cooperation from Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization(Jung Sun Suh, Chairman) in the 2nd Korea-Maryland, USA Bio Expo 2012
  • Participated in International Bio Expo Boston (Korea Health Industry Development Institute (Yong Woo Kim, Manager) KM Bio Expo and Bio Korea Exhibition exchange of cooperation)

  • The 2nd Korea-Maryland, USA Bio Expo 2012 (Location : USG Conference Center)
  • Signed MOU between Cheonbuk University Hospital and University of Maryland Bio Park (Cooperation and exchange between two hospitals)
  • Signed MOU between Amarex and Cheonbuk University Functional Food Clinical Trials Support Center(FDA Licensing and clinical trials cooperation)
  • Signed MOU between Amarex and Gyeongnam’s 21 Bio Centers (FDA approval, U.S. export, and cooperative research in functional bio food)

  • Health food from Ildong Foodis acquired approval In export to the U.S. market PNK business project launched
  • Introduce and cooperated with Korea Red Cross, Choongang University Medical Department, Neodin for FDA regulation for blood
  • Conference in KDM, City of Daegu and Maryland’s social welfare enterprises and silver bio health plan related exchanges
  • Training program for Keimyung University, 27 people attended (Dae Wook Bang, Director)